Eppert Piano Studio Policies

Our goal is always to develop the student’s full musical potential by presenting a balanced repertoire, progressive technique, music theory and performance opportunities. Our studio calendar runs August to July with a 41-week teaching year. All students, teachers, parents and visitors are required to wear masks in our studios at all times.

Non-Studio Vacation Days

  • Labor Day
  • Fall Break (October, 1 week)
  • Thanksgiving Break (Mon-Friday)
  • Holiday Break (3-4 weeks)
  • Spring Break (March/April, 2 weeks)
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th Holiday (2 weeks)

Snow Day Policy

Please do not assume because school is canceled due to snow that piano is canceled. Because piano is later in the day, there are many snow days that we still teach. We can also switch to online lessons through RockOutLoud.Live. OR, see the makeup lesson policy.

Summer Policy

All students are strongly urged to take piano lessons in the summer, if you wish to continue in the fall. In the summer you need to pay the regular monthly tuition fee. The studio is open 5 weeks in the summer.

We can schedule those to fit your schedule. We also offer a 2-hour camp in July, so you will only need to come 1 or 2 weeks in July. If you cannot make all summer weeks, you may need to come twice in one week. Payment is still due at the beginning of the month in June and July. Help us work with your summer schedule by letting us know what it is!


For your convenience and ours, tuition will be AUTO DEBITED from your checking account or your credit card on the 3rd of each month. This will only be for regular tuition: $134, $201 or $268. This is through STRIPE on the MyMusic Staff website.

Tuition is based upon a 12- month, year-round program, running from August through July. All months will be regular tuition. It doesn’t matter how many lessons are in the month. Each month’s tuition is the same. There are 41 lessons total per year.

Missed Lessons Policy

Please understand that your tuition reserves your EXCLUSIVE weekly time. Once the time if past, it is not available again.

  • No credit will be given for missed lessons.
  • Because of everyone’s busy schedule, make up lessons are not offered for any reason.

However, we would be GLAD to have a virtual lesson on RockOutLoud.Live during your lesson time.

Please text your teacher to let her know you want this option. Log in: the Student Name is you and the Meeting ID is 3175073171.

If a virtual lesson is not possible, your teacher will send you your assignment and 2-3 videos.

Video / Photo Release

During lessons, classes and performances, teachers with Eppert Piano Studio reserve the right to make video recordings or take photographs of students to use in lesson demonstration, advertising materials, and the studio owned website. We never share a student’s last name.

And, if it is a performance, we have the student view it and get their approval before posting it anywhere.  

Performance Opportunities For Students

  • November Studio Recital at Christ the Savior Lutheran
  • June Studio Recital at Christ the Savior Lutheran
  • National Piano Guild Auditions*: Annually in June

Each family will be assigned to one recital time. There is a $25.00 recital fee per family to cover the rental. We expect all students will participate in both the November and June recitals. They are a chance to learn and grow.

Recital Location: Christ the Savior Lutheran Church- 10500 E 126th Street, Fishers, 46038

* The Guild Auditions give the student a chance to play 3-10 memorized pieces for a judge. This is usually for the student in 2nd -3rd year and above. The student is judged by how well he plays the music and all students can receive a first place rating. There is an entry fee of $45-$70, depending on how many pieces are played and your level. This is quite an accomplishment and a great way to end the school year.


What Sets Us Apart?


We work with every student on playing their music with expression. This gives the student a positive way to express their emotions. NO TALENT REQUIRED. The joy of music is for EVERYONE!