Group Lessons

Fishers Group Piano Lessons

Looking for Fishers Indiana group piano lessons? Group piano lessons keep the excitement alive and help improve confidence. Our small group classes consists of two levels (K-1st & 2nd – 4th) with 4-5 students in a one-hour, once a week class for maximum learning. Learning in a group also helps reinforce that music is for all!

Research Shows Group Music Lessons:

  • Enhance the learning experience through peer interaction and is more gratifying
  • Provide a safe learning environment facilitated by a caring teacher using creative, well-tested materials
  • Allow reinforcement of musical concepts through game play
  • Give all students many opportunities to play with each other and for each other, and helps lessen performance anxiety when it comes to recital time
  • Provide companionship and fulfillment

Group Piano Lesson Pricing

Curious about group piano lesson pricing?

  • Tuition is $130 per month or $1560 per year.

The tuition is based upon a 39 week, year round program, running August through July. All months are the same tuition price, even though the number of lessons per month will vary.

*Beginning first year classes are for students with little or no prior piano study. You must have a piano or keyboard with full size, touch sensitive keys at home for daily practice.

*Students are expected to practice at home 5-6 days a week, 15-20 minutes each day to keep up with the class and reach their full potential. Also, piano is a lot more fun when you practice!

Beginning Class For Kindergarten – 1st Graders

My First Piano Adventures:

Capture your child’s playful spirit. Explore fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities as you see your child develop beginning keyboard skills.

This class of 4-5 students is: 

  1. A time of exploration of music and the piano/keyboard. 
  2. A holistic learning approach. Through imagery, and a diverse world of sound, we seek to develop aural perception, eye tracking and physical coordination. 
  3. Skills unfold as we engage in learning songs including folk, classical, blues and originals. 
  4. Classes include unique technique games to foster physical coordination, listening, singing, tapping, drumming and moving to music. All of these activities help the ability to play pieces at the piano and play musically.  
  5. Music lessons for the young are activity based. It is important to follow the assignment sheet sent home each week and do ALL activities each practice session! 

Beginning Class For 2nd – 4th Graders

Piano Adventures:

This time in your child’s life is for exciting exploration. Our mission is to grow the student’s musical mind and heart. The process of developing your child’s musical self can help form valuable life skills including self-esteem, curiosity, expression of emotions, confidence, sensitivity to nuance, good work habits, and an understanding of delayed gratification. 

  1. The Primer Level introduces beginners, ages 7-10, to the keyboard in an immersive set of four books that will set the foundation for your young pianist’s musical journey.  The books form a comprehensive curriculum: Lesson, Theory, Technique & Artistry, and Performance.
  2. We learn musical concepts with engaging songs and song accompaniments. 
  3. Ear-training, eye-training and creative improvisation skills are built into the books.
  4. The unique Technique & Artistry book helps to cultivate physical ease and expressive playing at the piano. 
  5. We use games and manipulatives to help teach concepts and inspire.
  6. We continually work on steady beat in inventive ways with movement, percussion instruments and improvisation at the piano. 
  7. Students learn note values (counting), develop recognition of steps and skips and are reading on the grand staff by the end of the school year. 

What Sets Us Apart?


We work with every student on playing their music with expression. This gives the student a positive way to express their emotions. NO TALENT REQUIRED. The joy of music is for EVERYONE!