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Top 3 Piano Apps for Kids

Nowadays, kids know how to work a tablet before they can talk. There are a number of apps that can assist with learning how to play the piano, so why not use the iPad as tool for learning? Here are our top three educational and entertaining piano apps for kids that can complement the valuable…
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Top Ways to Introduce Your Child to Music

There’s nothing cuter than a child bopping along to music — whether they’re trying to sing along, playing an instrument, or moving to the beat. Studies show that childhood experiences with music can accelerate brain development, and even improve language acquisition and reading skills. And as they grow up, piano lessons from Eppert Piano Studio…
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Fishers, Indiana Beginning Piano Lessons

Is your child a beginning piano player? Are you looking for piano lessons in or near Fishers, Indiana? We’re so glad you’ve found us. Music is a universal language. It can speak to our spirit and gives a positive way to express emotions. For beginning students, one of the best instruments to start with is…
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